Internet Basics for ESL Students
Lesson 8
Advanced Email

Keywords: carrot, quote, top level domain, dial-up IP


Study the following Email response, and answer the questions.
1. Who was the first sender?
2. What was the first letter about?
3. Who received the letter?
4. What was the answer?

Date: Mon, 27 May 1998 08:48:44 +0900
To: (Jim Schweizer)
From: (Bob Warning)
Subject: Re: June's Computer Club Meeting

At 9:18 PM 5/26/96, Jim Schweizer wrote:
>Hi Rob,
>Would like to do something Mac related at the
>next Okayama Computer Club meeting. If
>you're interested, let me know....

Sure, I don't mind.
Any ideas what to talk about?
Something Internet related or not?


Dialogue 1

another laptop

Pair work. Practice the conversation.

Linda: I received an Email today from a friend who lives in New York.
Jim: What did he say?
Linda: He's happy he can send Email to me on my birthday. He said that the telephone is too expensive.
Jim: What's he doing now?
Linda: I don't know, but his Email address ends in EDU so maybe he is working at a university.

You can learn a lot from and Email address. Match the top-level domain name with the correct description.

edu	Japanese	
com	Canadian	
gov	Singapore	
jp	Hong Kong	
hk	U.S. Educational
sg	U.S.Government	
ca	Korean		
kr	U.S. Commercial	net
Where do you think these are:
au -
de -
fr -
uk -

Here is a list of country codes.

Dialogue 2

Pair work. Practice the conversation.

Mary: I'm angry. I emailed Jim twice last week, and he didn't answer.
Linda: He uses a dial-up IP connection to get his mail. Maybe he hasn't picked up his mail for a while.
Mary: Do you think he got it?
Linda: Wait a couple of days and try emailing him again.

another server

Visit other ESL sites.

Where can you get free email?

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