Internet Basics for ESL Students
Lesson 6


key words: images, video, animation, interactive, optical, digital, storage, laser, edutainment, kiosk.

Dialogue 1: using a new multimedia learning game


Pair work. Practice the conversation.

Mary: Look, I bought the new Encarta encyclopedia on CD-ROM. It's a kind of "edutainment" software.
Paul: It has great graphics and sound files.
Mary: Let's see.... How does it work? Hmm, I put it in the CD-ROM drive and install it this way.

An example: Riven is a popular multi-media game that uses sound and 3D graphics. The player must solve a mystery, and the clues are given as text, recorded sound and music and still images.

Dialogue 2

Pair work. Practice the conversation.

Jim: This is a new multi-media authoring tool. Now I can make applications with sound and graphics.
Mary: Can you also put in animation?
Jim: Yes, and I can use .avi files to show movies.
Mary: Great! Let's go play your first game.

Small media

How does a CD-ROM work?
CD-ROM, which means Compact Disc-Read Only Memory, is an optical technology used for storing digital information on a plastic 12-centimeter disc. Over 650 MBs can be stored on one disc. That's about 300,000 printed pages, one hour of sound, or 15,000 graphics. A laser beam reads "pits" (depressions) and "lands" (flat areas) as 0s and 1s off the disc and makes them into a file.

Group work: questions
1. Have you ever used a CD-ROM?
2. What CD-ROMS are popular now?
3. Have you ever used a kiosk? Where?
4. What does multi-media mean?

Multimedia file extensions:
It is possible to tell what a file is by looking at the file extension. Here are some of the more common ones you might see:

The Filename: What it is:
1. AVI (Audio Video Interleaved) Video. This is MS Windows usual format for video files.
2. BMP (Bitmap) Graphics. This can be a photo or illustration.
3. GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) Graphics. A 256 color graphic based on a Compuserve format.
4. JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) Photos. High quality images saved in a compressed format.
5. MID (MIDI) Songs. Standard Windows format for storing large song files.
6 WAV (Waveform) Sound: This is the standard sound file in a Windows environment.

Dialogue 3

multimedia set

Pair work. Practice the conversation.

Jim: How do I play this movie file? It has an .avi extension.
Paul: Windows 95 has a Multimedia Player which is powerful but simple. Just double-click on the .avi file you want to see. It will close when the file is finished playing.
Jim: I see. How do I control the video player?
Paul: If you want to get the controller, just double click on the title bar of the playing .avi.

Search the Internet and identify 6 file types. What are they? How are they used? Compare with a partner. Did you find the same file types?

October 31st is what holiday in the US and Europe? Use Alta Vist to find out.

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