Internet Basics for ESL Students

Here are some of the better resources for English teachers. If you find others that aren't listed here and have been useful in your classes, please drop me a line.

WWW Links

  1. Using the web in the classroom.
  2. The Internet TESL Journal - A monthly web magazine including articles & research papers, lessons & lesson plans and teaching techniques as well as links of interest to teachers of English as a second language.
  3. "World Wide Web Activities that Work (and Why!)"
  4. The ESL cafe
  5. English Programs Around the World is a comprehensive listing of ESL Program websites
  6. The Virtual English Language Center - You can jump directly to some of their pages below or visit the top page.
  7. ESL Special Projects at UVic - ESL email exchange and student home pages
  8. schMOOze University -An ESL MOO. (Requires Telnet.)
  9. English as a Second Language Home Page - Wide ranging list of available on-line resources for students and teachers of ESL. There's a registration area where any ESL student can post the URL of their Home Page.
  10. Learning English Electronically - Maricopa Community College's Online english tutoring program. (You have to buy their software.)
  11. UIUC's LinguaCenter - Introduction to WWW for students studying English.
  12. Ohio University's CALL Lab - Resources for several languages w/ list of links to projects done by ESL students.
  13. English as a Foreign Language
  14. Educational Resources - Educator's resource for web exploration and professional contacts. Links teachers to web magazines and classroom newspgroups on ESL around the web.
  15. ESL Jobs Locator Page
  16. Teaching English in Japan
  17. Ask ERIC - Slide shows and sound bites concerning teachers lessons. Materials for classes, including word lists, activities such as Newton's Apple. Also contains many on-line books and references.
  18. Purdue On-line writing lab - Information for ESL writers to help improve writing skills.
  19. Exchange - By ESL students, for ESL students. On-line ESL stories (with errors) and writing instruction resources.
  20. LinguaTec - provides courses for foreign born professionals working in the US who want to be more proficient in English and American business culture. Full details on all courses are on-line, including registration forms.

Other Resources:

  1. Another list of links to ESL sites.
  2. Holidays in English If you're looking for holiday information, start here.
  3. ESL Mailing Lists
  4. Correcting with HTML An interesting example of using HTML to correct students' writing assignments.
  5. Technical help page A pretty good list of tips and tutorials for teachers just starting to use the Web.
  6. The ESL Virtual Catalog
  7. JALT The Japan Association for Language Teaching Homepage.
  8. DynEd International is a publisher of multimedia ESL/EFL and foreign language learning software on CD-ROM.
  9. ESL Home Page

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