Internet Basics for ESL Students
Final Exam

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Question 1
What is the Internet?
a computer network. personal computers. multi-media.
Question 2
Random Access Memory is:
Question 3
Most important part of a computer:
the hard drive. the data on it. the monitor.
Question 4
Apple was started in the:
1960s. the 1970s. the 1980s.
Question 5
@ is pronounced:
at. in. on.
Question 6
A JPG file is a
song. movie. picture.
Question 7
Compuserve is
an ISP. a virus. a personal computer.
Question 8
The address is in:
Germany. France. Japan.
Question 9
AltaVista is a
notebook computer. CD-ROM. search engine.
Question 10
How many Japanese use the Internet?
10,000,000 12,000,000 15,000,000

Fill in the blanks using these words:
English, Email, shareware, Internet, download

People in many countries use the
to communicate. Most people write
to their friends and family. Some people
software and games. Often, this software is
,and it's important to pay the person who wrote it. Studying
will help you use the Internet.

Where is your textbook?
Encryption is:
Cyberspace is:
What is a computer?
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